Paul Audia -
Ciro Manna - Improve Your Phrasing
Matt Bidoglia - 10 Blues Sleek Licks
Andy Timmons - Falling Down - Guitar Backing Track
Evgeny Pobozhiy - Beyond The Jazz Guitar
Juan Antonio - 10 Modern Jazz Licks
Max Dornauer - 10 Modern Prog Licks
Ralph Salati - Hosts, Rifles and Coke
Paul Audia - Brush With The Blues exclusive interpretation!
Israel Romero Pérez  - 10 Metal Licks For 7 String Guitar
Juan Antonio - 10 Modern Fusion Licks
Israel Romero Pèrez - 10 Liquid Hybrid Picking Licks
Antonio Cordaro - Hybrid Picking Starter Pack
Matt Bidoglia - 10 Modern Blues Licks
Matt Bidoglia - Southern Milf
Paul Audia - 7 Steve Lukather Style Licks
Philip Sayce - Alchemy - Guitar Backing Track
Joe Bonamassa - The Last Matador Of Bayonne - Guitar Backing Track (Solo Part)
Queen - Who Wants To Live Forever - Guitar Backing Track (Solo Part)

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