25 Sayda: long bob, short bob, bowlcut, bald
24 Scarmich: buzz, head, brows & face shave
23 Sabrina: long, undercut, bald
22 Mary: buzzed nape, design nape, undercut, bald
21 Cristina: long hair, chelsea, chelsea shaved, bald
20 Windy: medium hair, nape buzzed, undercut, buzzed, shaved
19 Marta: Long, bob, bowl, orange colour, tonsure, shaved
18 Andrea: Long afro to bald
17 Del Valle: Long, undercut, mohawk, crazy forms & headshave
16 Vanesa: Curly long, buzzed nape, medium hair, sidecut, undercut & headshave
15 Nedith: Long, undercut & headshave
14 Lucia: Medium hair, short boyish cut, undercut & headshave
13 Oscarina: Long hair, half bob, half bowl, half buzzed & headshave
12 Joanna: Long hair, undercut shaved, mohawk, short mohawk & headshave
11 Tania: Long with undercut, undercut #0, buzzed & headshave
10 Yoli: Long curly hair, undercut pixie, buzzed, clippershave, razor shaved & massage
09 Geraldine: Long hair, buzzed nape, undercut, buzzed & headshave
08 Huaina: Long bob, inverted bob, buzzed nape, chelsea cut, buzzed & headshave
07 Judith: Long hair, right into the middle, buzzed & headshave
06 Estefany: Long, bob, only bangs and two pigtails & headshave
05 Antonieta: Long, bob, asymmetric haircut, short, buzzed & headshave
04 Olga: Long hair, bob, bangs, bowl, buzzed & brows-headshave
03 Mayi: Long, right into the middle, buzzed & headshave
02 Ana: Long, right into the middle, buzzed & headshave
01 Nayeli: Long, buzzed & headshave


Hacemos vídeos de peluquería con cortes de pelo extremos y alternativos. Make for you videos with alternative & extreme haircut and styles.


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