Prisms™ Chord Exploration Suite

"Prisms" is the 1st and largest expansion suite for Ripchord.

Ripchord is Trackbout's simple and free MIDI plugin which not only allows you to play chords with one finger but has the ability to implement humanized strumming, transposing and velocity as well.

Prisms contains 30 key-labeled banks and over 1,000 chords in the style
of Jazz, Neo-Soul, Gospel and R&B

Explore a vast array of infinite chord progressions and humanized strumming with the press of a finger.

Instant inspiration guaranteed. 

is needed in order to use this product.

Ripchord is a VST3 plugin and only works on DAW's that support VST3 such as FL Studio 20, Ableton Live 10 and Logic Pro X.  Must be on the latest versions of either DAW. 

Reason, Maschine and MPC Live don't support Ripchord at this time.

Download for free at

Ripchord Tutorial :