Procreate PENCIL Set: 30+ Pencils, Charcoal, Graphite & Sketch Brushes

Here's a collection of more than 30 of my favorite pencils, charcoal, graphite, and sketch brushes for Procreate. All brushes react to pen pressure, speed, and tilt angle. Some brushes like the FLUEGELHORN PENCIL can be used in normal, glaze, and wet paintbrush mode.

Demo strokes with some of the pencil brushes

Sample pencil illustrations, caricature, comic strip sketch

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  • [update NOV-12-2017] Added 10 new and updated pencil brushes
  • [update NOV-27-2017] Added 2 new pencil brushes: DIRTY COALMINE and ROUGH PENCIL

  • Check my and follow step-by-step tutorials for downloading and importing your new brush sets into Procreate.
  • All brushes can also be used as eraser and smudge tool to achieve a consistent look & feel.
  • Try out the brushes in normal, glaze, and wet paint mode. You can switch the brush render mode with three buttons in the "Dynamics" tab of the new Procreate 4 brush menu.
  • Play with opacity, try out pressure, tilt and speed sensitivity to use my brushes to their full potential.

Happy Pencilling! 😀

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Feel free check out sample images, demo videos, and customer reviews.

NOTE: The brushes are designed for Procreate 4 (iOS App). A pressure sensitive stylus like the Apple Pencil is recommended to take full advantage of the brushes, but not necessary.