$75 Gift Certificate - 1 Year "Hall-PASS" to all Three Guitar Learning Libraries

DO NOT PURCHASE THIS CERTIFICATE until you have received an email from Gaylerd advising you that is has been personalized per your request.

This gift certificate specifically provides the recipient with a 1 Year Hall-PASS subscription to all three learning libraries on GaylerdGUITAR:

1.    The SHOWCASE Library of Song Tutorials

2.    The NEWBIES Library of Beginner Guitar Lessons, and

3.    The MEMBERS Only Library of Tips and Discounts.

The recipient is free to LOGIN and LEARN as many songs from the SHOWCASE LIBRARY as he/she likes as there is NO LIMIT to the number of songs learned during the membership period. Additionally, the recipient is also entitled to have 2 instructional song tutorials created for their favorite songs. Please READ GaylerdGUITAR's "Terms of Use" before purchasing this gift certificate as Gaylerd will not be able to create a tutorial for every song requested. There are restrictions to the type of songs that are acceptable.

This gift certificate also grants the recipient with unlimited access to every beginner guitar lesson in The NEWBIES Library as well as The MEMBERS ONLY Tips and Discounts Library.

This is a NON-RECUURING membership plan. The membership will automatically end after 365 days.