Medieval Fantasy Adventure Casino Slot Game Music & Sound Effects Library - Slots Audio Pack

ATTENTION: This preview simulates gameplay to demo a portion of the library's content. Background music loops aren't included in the actual library, but non-looping pieces such as win tunes are. For music loops and more, please check out our Fantasy Medieval Music library.

Plunge your users into the worlds of yesteryear with ultra immersive fantasy or medieval themed sound effects and high quality win tunes for your slot game! With more than 320 top quality audio assets (160 original sounds), each one is handcrafted and optimized to be the perfect addition to your slot game, offering a massive value to players of any Medieval Fantasy themed casino game!

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Any sound needed for a SLOT GAME USER INTERFACE is included, so transform your project with this staggering collection of meticulously designed sounds! Whether you need BUTTON SOUNDS, BET HIGH and BET LOW sounds, MINIMUM and MAXIMUM selection sounds, NOTIFICATIONS, TRIGGERS, REVEALS, REEL SPIN STARTS, REEL SPIN LOOPS, HUMS and WHOOSHES, simple and special ANTICIPATION REEL STOP sounds, WIN PAYOUT TUNE ROLLUPS, COIN SOUNDS, SYMBOL SOUNDS, anticipation-building WIND UPS, or sounds for SUMMARIES and TRANSITIONS, they're all here, offering you the perfect sound always within reach!

Whether your slots game has mini-games or other features that include:

  • Free Games Selects, Triggers, or Notifications
  • Featured Triggers
  • Reel Plays
  • Option Selects
  • Small Win Notifications
  • Featured Triggers or Unlocking Specials

Any fantasy scenario can be used in any slots feature! Including:

  • Orcs and Trolls Fighting
  • Knights or Soldiers Battling with Medieval Weapons and a Huge Crowd of Spectators Cheering
  • Wizards or Mages Performing Magic Spells or Combatting Each Other
  • Tavern Gambling with Beer Drinking and Winning Money
  • Fire-Breathing Dragon Showdown Battle
  • Witch Potions Brewing
  • Elf or Magical Creature Forest Adventure
  • Town Siege with Catapults
  • Thieves or Rogues Sneaking into Prison to Break Out & Rescue Captive Prisoners
  • Retrieving Gold from Treasure Chests...and much much more!

Whether your slot game is physical or online, each asset has been painstakingly optimized to cut through the background chatter and immerse your players deep within any Medieval adventure or Fantasy world like never before! Keep your players coming back for more with inviting sounds and catchy music that will grab their attention, reward play, and build long-lasting connection!


Enrich your title in seconds with beautifully mixed, AAA quality sounds brought to you by our team of industry veterans, whose 600 slot games worth of experience have culminated in this extraordinary sound pack! Each audio file is drag-and-drop ready, presented in high-quality MP3 and WAV formats with meticulously labeled keywords, so you can create the perfect gaming experience for your players in a matter of moments!

For your convenience, we have included each asset in High-Quality WAV (44.1 kHz, 16 Bit) and MP3 (320 Kbps) formats.

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• 320 Audio Files (160 original sounds) - all in High Quality WAV and MP3 formats
• Symbol Sounds, Buttons and other Interface Sounds, Reel Spin and Stops, Trigger Sounds, Selection and Reveal Sounds, and more!
• Music Loops, Numerous Variations and Edits, Win Tunes, Payouts and other Celebration Tunes + much more!
• Ready to use – requires no editing, labelling or splicing. Categorized, organized and individually labeled files for maximum use efficiency
• Soundminer Meta-Data / Metatagging: YES


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