SPOOKY FOREST - 2D Cartoony Halloween Parrallax Background

This beautifully illustrated background is 100% vector, and fully editable with Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator software.

Besides the source file, we have also included each layer as an individual high-quality PNG and JPG file!
Just an easy drag and drop of those layers into your game and you'll get an incredibly nice looking parallax effect, with a lot of depth in the background that we worked really hard on.

The background is designed for a side-scrolling game, and each layer has a perfect horizontal loop.

IMPORTANT: We intend to do a few updates to our 2D backgrounds fairly soon, each including improvements of the existing layers as well as adding new items.
Please note that the PRICE WILL GO UP with each update as well.

GET IT NOW and get all of those updates FOR FREE, forever!