FANTASY MEDIEVAL AMBIENCES - Background Environment & Soundscapes Royalty Free Sound Effects Library

Plunge your users into the worlds of yesteryear with ultra immersive fantasy or medieval themed background environments of the highest quality. This audio library offers you hours of different soundscapes, including BATTLES with war horses, knights, and explosions, CASTLE interiors, quiet FARMS, bustling VILLAGES with MARKETS, peaceful GRASSLANDS & COUNTRYSIDES, lush FORESTS, WATERFALLS & RIVERS, wild JUNGLES, PRISONS, and not to mention varying intensities of RAIN STORMS and the wild outdoors! Whether your project is a Lord of the Rings fantasy adventure video game, a King Arthur animation app, or a Game of Thrones slot casino game, everything you'll need to immerse your users in your creation's magic is here!

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Whether your adventure takes place on a BATTLEFIELD, in a CASTLE or PRISON, on a FARM or in a VILLAGE, or outdoors in the GRASSLANDS, COUNTRYSIDE, FOREST, or JUNGLE, we’ve got you covered! Each ambience contains MULTIPLE VARIATIONS, ALL WEATHER CONDITIONS, and MULTIPLE INTENSITIES to cover each and every scene. This sound effects library is perfect for any setting you can imagine.

Our expert team of sound designers have meticulously crafted each ambience into CONTINUOUS, NON-REPETITIVE, DRAG AND DROP-READY LOOPS that will serve as perfect background audio for your game, film, animation, live event, or even as relaxing background audio! We have even included FULL and SIMPLIFIED MIXES, SHORT and LONG non-repetitive variants, multiple choices for INTENSITIES, and numerous other options for your convenience!

Each audio file is drag-and-drop ready, presented in high-quality MP3 and WAV formats with meticulously labeled keywords, so you can create the perfect gaming experience for your players in a matter of moments! Enrich your title in seconds with beautifully mixed, AAA quality sounds brought to you by our team of industry veterans, whose 600+ games worth of experience have culminated in this extraordinary pack of ambiences.

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  • Video Games
  • Casino Slot Games
  • Film / Animation
  • Ads / Trailers
  • YouTube videos
  • Sound Design
  • Music Productions
  • Live Events
…and all other audio-visual productions 

  • Huge variety of Medieval Ambiences, All Weather Conditions, and Multiple Soundscapes for every scene or situation. 
  • Multiple variants and intensities for your convenience and additional edit options (lengths, looping versions, stingers, etc.).
  • Ready to use – requires no editing, labelling or splicing. Categorized, organized and individually labeled files for maximum use efficiency
  • All files are included in Hi-Rez WAV, High-Quality WAV and High-Quality MP3 formats
  • FREE Updates to higher versions, FOREVER!

  • 150 Audio Files (50 original sounds)
  • WAV Format: 24 Bit/96 Khz and 16 Bit/44.1 kHz 
  • MP3 Format: 320 Kbps
  • Unpacked Size: 2.59 GB
  • Total Run Time: 2h 42m 48s

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If there is a SFX / music style that you are seeking and we haven’t published it yet, please drop us an email. We release new assets regularly and will be delighted to create and include the assets you desire in one of our next releases.

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Fusehive Interactive Media Ltd. is a team of industry veterans, united in our commitment to providing bespoke audio for video games and casino games. Our unique 24/7 workflow, top quality music/audio technology, dedicated team of expert practitioners, and commitment to forming strong and lasting partnerships with each and every client make us the ultimate choice to take your game to the next level.

Our work includes titles from franchises such as: The Avengers, Batman, Superman, King Kong, Captain America, Green Lantern, Robin Hood, The Mask, Judge Dredd, Wonder Woman, The Flash and over 600 other great titles.

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