Archery Bows & Arrows RPG Game Sound Effects Library - MEDIEVAL FANTASY WEAPONS SOUND PACK

Whether your project requires authentic weapons such as metal and wooden SHIELDS, BOW and ARROWS, FIREBALL THROWER, weapons HANDLING and more; IMPACT SOUNDS on a variety of surfaces including METAL, WOOD, ROCK, FLESH, ARMOUR and CLOTHING; or extensive ARMOUR and CLOTHING FOLEY SOUNDS, + numerous Medieval MAGIC SFX, you'll have everything you could possible need with this expansive collection of 225 audio files (75 original sounds) that includes all in High Definition, Standard Definition WAV and Highest Quality MP3 formats! 



We understand the time pressures creators can often be placed under. That's why our expert team of sound designers have constructed each and every audio file to be of the highest quality, with expert mixing and mastering, so all you have to do is drag and drop. Meticulous file labelling and detailed keyword use means you can spend less time searching, and more time creating your epic swashbuckling fantasy or grand historical epic.

Don’t miss out on what this high quality library of fantasy/medieval sounds out there!


Would you like to have this product + even more arrows, swords, knives, axes and all other blades, all siege engines, fantasy magic, and all that under a big discount??!!







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