Universal Slots Sound Effects Library - Modern Online Slot Game Sounds & Win Tunes, Royalty Free SFX

Are you searching for high-quality GENERIC sounds for your SLOT GAME, Digital FRUIT MACHINE noises, Modern Slots INTERFACE sounds, WIN ALARM BELLs and PAYOUT TUNES?

....Then read on!

Discover this massive collection of cutting edge quality sounds and short music tunes, expertly handcrafted to be a perfect fit for your slots. With 430 audio assets (230 original sounds) of INTERFACE SOUNDS such as REEL SPIN START BUTTONs, smooth REEL SPIN WHOOSH noises, REEL STOPs, BET INCREASE and DECREASE sounds, ANTICIPATION WIND-UPs, and all other interface buttons and TRANSITIONS, as well as WIN PAYOUT SOUNDs such as short WIN TUNES, MUSICAL ROLLUP COUNTERs, and Magical CARD and DICE sounds, this library is a perfect choice for your Online Video Slot, Mobile or even Land-based Casino Games!


Enrich your title in seconds with beautifully mixed, AAA quality sounds brought to you by our team of industry veterans, whose 600+ slot games worth of experience have culminated in this extraordinary sound pack! Each audio file is drag-and-drop ready, presented in high quality MP3 and WAV formats with meticulously labelled keywords, so you can create the perfect gaming experience for your players in a matter of moments!

For your convenience, we have included each asset in High-Quality WAV (44.1 kHz, 16 Bit) and MP3 (320 Kbps) formats.

GET IT NOW and reward your players with this jackpot of tunes and sound effects that provides your game with any audio you could ever need!

  • 430 Audio Files (215 original sounds) - all in High Quality WAV and MP3 formats;
  • Symbol Sounds, Buttons and other Interface Sounds, Reel Spin and Stops, Trigger Sounds, Selection and Reveal sound effects, Win Tunes and Rollups, Payouts and other short Celebration Tunes + much more!
  • Numerous Variations and Edits of the assets, such as multiple lengths, intensities, looping and non-looping variants, and more;
  • Ready to use – requires no editing, labelling or splicing. Categorized, organized and individually labeled files for maximum use efficiency;
  • FREE Updates to higher versions, FOREVER!



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If there is a SFX / music style that you are looking for and we haven't published it yet, please drop us an email. We release new assets regularly and will be delighted to create and include the assets you desire in one of our next releases.

Support Email: [email protected]

Thank you for your purchase!

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