Aliens, Monsters & Vehicles

Cartoony Aliens / Monsters riding bikes and cars! This packet of high quality character sprites is perfect either for monsterish enemies, or even as a great selection of designs for your main character!

Whether you are working on a side-scrolling platform game, shooter, running / jumping game, a 2D racing game, or any other genre where this type of characters are a fit, look no further!


Need a perfect background for this game? Here it is:

Need a high-quality music and SFX to bring your game to life? Check out this massive collection here:

  • High-quality cartoony 2D illustration;
  • Character design suitable for monsters, aliens or even mutants!
  • 5 characters on vehicles and 2 different wheel sprites as separate files;
  • The file separation allows you to perfectly animate wheel rotation in your code, or even make them detach and fly away when a character's vehicle crashes!
  • All files supplied as 72 dpi PNG files with transparent backgrounds.