Waiting on Trains a script for 5 actors

5 Actor Version
Cast of Characters 

Verna: A ticket window woman who would rather not be working. She is rude, crude, and unacceptable. Customer courtesy is not her specialty. 

Kirk and Sue: Two business people who are waiting for their train. 

Jean: A janitor who tries to keep the place clean.

Rut: A gentleman, called a bum by some, who simply wants a nice quiet place to sleep.

Time and Place 
Dec. 31, 1999. A train station in an overgrown hick town.


(Lights come up on the waiting room of a train station. A woman, VERNA, sits at a ticket window R, filing her nails and chewing gum to the beat of a song on the radio. A businessman, KIRK, works at his laptop computer. He sits at the R end of a long row of uncomfortable chairs that are linked closely together. A janitor, Jean, sweeps and cleans the waiting room. There is an entrance L, a doorway UL, and an exit to the trains DR. The voice of a radio announcer comes over VERNA's radio)

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