The Princess's New Clothes stage script PDF play for 7-11+ young actors

The Princess's New Clothes is a twist on the tale of the Emperor's New Clothes. 

“What happens when a princess wants to wear too many clothes?”


(Written with 11 speaking roles -1 female and 10 of any gender, but parts can be combined for a cast of 7 or divided up into more than 11 parts using the suggestions below)

PENELOPE: A princess who loves nature and animals

MAGICO: An evil wizard who hates nature and animals

ANIMALS: COW, UNICORN, WOLF, BUTTERFLY, SQUIRREL (NOTE: some ANIMAL parts can be combined as well as divided to share the lines with more animals; the animals can be changed to different species too)

ROYAL: Works for Penelope’s sister

SEAMSTRESS, DESIGNER, TAILOR: Dress makers (NOTE: These parts can be combined into fewer parts or divided into more parts)

Art by Shiela Larson