The Hysterical History of the American Revolution PDF

Time and Place: 1775, An undisclosed meeting hall in the American Colonies.

(Abigail Adams is at a podium with a gavel surrounded by many woman in 1770's clothing sitting at tables scattered around the podium)

ABIGAIL: I call to order the first Women's Continental Congress...


Abigail Adams - Wife of John Adams and future first lady

Kitty Greene - Wife of General Greene and future co-inventor of the Cotton Gin

Martha Washington - Wife of General Washington and future first lady

Deborah Franklin - Wife of Benjamin Franklin who ran the American Post Office for her husband among many other things.

Ben Franklin - Husband of Deborah Franklin who did something... I don't recall.

Martha Jefferson - Wife of Thomas Jefferson who passes away before her husband becomes president.

Molly Pitcher - woman who was a symbol of the true revolutionary gal possibly based on the real life Mary Hays.

Molly Hatchet - redneck woman who carries a hatchet not based on anyone

Sally Hemings - Slave of Martha Jefferson (and rumored half-sister who become close to Thomas Jefferson after Martha's death)

Emily Geiger - a brave messenger who's quick thinking saved a message from enemy hands

More women extras are possible and encouraged.

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