When Mel Fell for Nell by D. M. Larson

"When Mel Fell for Nell" is a full length stage play script by D. M. Larson


MEL - a kind man who was unhappy until he met the perfect
woman although internal fears hold him back at times
NELL - a quirky woman who is in love with Mel because of his
kindness and how happy he makes her (most of the time)
JAY* - friend of Mel
LISSY* - woman on the subway who reads trashy romance novels
but wishes she’d find love
MARIO* - a restaurant waiter dressed like the video game
BATMAN* - waiter dressed as the superhero
MIME* - silent waiter dressed as a traditional mime
CLOWN* - waiter who is British, sad and dressed as a clown
CARL* - Mel’s car mechanic and unofficial psychologist
HIPSTERS* - around 4 hipster hobos who hang out in a cafe
looking cool (number of hipsters can vary - the more the
*Actors may play multiple roles with the exception of Mel
and Nell

This play includes several monologues such as:

I Hate Buffets

A Breaking Heart


Waiting on the Bride

Forever on Hold

The Meaning of Life

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