JOKES ARE NO LAUGHING MATTER short scene for 5 actors (male or female)


By D. M. Larson

Cast of Characters

(5 male or female actors)

PAULY: loves to tell jokes

MOLLY: waiting for a loved one who is sick

REGINA: a sick patient in the waiting room

JOE: grumpy guy in a wheelchair or on crutches

DOCTOR: gives MOLLY some bad news


(Patients waiting in an emergency room at a hospital. MOLLY frowns, rubs her hands together and looks down nervously, avoiding eye contact. PAULY looks around, curious and smiling at everyone. PAULY notices MOLLY who won’t make eye contact. PAULY moves closer the MOLLY and MOLLY looks the other way. PAULY sits quietly and stares at MOLLY)

PAULY: Want to hear a joke?

MOLLY: Not really.

PAULY: Why did the Orca go to the hospital?

(MOLLY ignores PAULY)

PAULY (cont.): Because he wasn’t feeling whale!

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