Magic Camp PDF

D. M. Larson

Copyright © 2007 – All Rights Reserved

This is a PDF version of the play.  You can purchase a Word document version at this link:


(All of the characters can be of either gender with the except of MOON and MARK)

ZANE (or ZANA) – He is one of the kids who goes to Magic Camp. He has the ability to sense the future.

ZONE – Leader of Magic Camp, wears fantastic circus ringmaster type clothing, mentor of ZANE.

TRISTAN (or TRISTANA) – Kid going to Magic Camp. His powers are unknown.

MOON (f) – She is a kid going to Magic Camp. She has mysterious powers that are untamed.

BRIGIT (or BRIDGER) – Kid going to Magic Camp. She is a singer who is good with animals and plants.

KURT (or KIRA) – Kid going to Magic Camp with wolf like qualities and powers.

JOEY (or JOANNA) – Nerdy kid at Kurt’s school.

BILLY (or BETH) – Bully at Kurt’s school.

BOB (or BOBBI) – Bully #2 at Kurt’s school.

MARK (m) - A handsome young man that was turned into a monster. He has the power of charisma/charm. NOTE: A second actor of similar size and build can play the monster version of MARK so the transformation from monster back to human is more dramatic.

JAG – Woman with jaguar qualities and look. Mentor of KURT.

RUNT – Mentor of BRIGIT – He is a small man, who looks like a little boy but has a grey beard. He is close to the Earth and can make things grow.

SOL – He wears bright colors, skin shines, mentor of TRISTAN. He has the power of happiness that he can give to others.

SPIRIT – She wears flowing clothing, sparkles, skin sparkles. She is the mentor of MOON. She has ghost-like powers.

KING – He is handsome, dressed in black goth-like clothing and makeup, has snake-like speech and qualities.

MING – She is beautiful, dressed in black goth-like clothing and makeup, has cat-like speech and qualities.

ROGER – Father of Mark. ANNA – Mother of Mark.