ME IN PIECES book of acting monologues PDF

"Me in Pieces" by D. M. Larson is a series of emotional monologues about sadness, anger and depression. Some of the monologues included in this book: "Breaking Bread" (page 2) "The Cubicle" (page 5) "I Won't Come Back" (page 15) "Me Again" (page 17) "Me in Pieces" (page 18) "Mockery of Success" (page 23) "Never Meet Your Heroes" (page 26) "Nightwalker" (page 27) "Pieces of my Heart" (page 31) "Revolting" (page 32) "Second Soul" (page 35) "Used Up in Cubicle Land" (page 39) "A Way Out" (page 41) "With One Last Kiss" (page 46) "Worse Off" (page 48) "The Wraith" (page 50)

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