SECRETS OF MY SOUL stage play script PDF

Secrets of My Soul is a series of scenes for the stage that explore inner thoughts, struggles and love. Actors can play multiple roles. At least 8 actors are needed for the production with at least 2 females and 2 males. The cast can be as large as 40.

The play includes the following scenes: "The Fire" for 8 actors (page 2) "The Not So Perfect Child" monologue (page 11) "Confession" for 2 actors (page 12) "Dear God" monologue (page 15) "Death Takes the Train" for 4 actors (page 18) "Ghosts I've Known" monologue (page 26) "Sirens at Sea" for 4 actors (page 31) "Demons" monologue (page 40) "Grace" for 3 actors (page 42) "Breaking Heart" monologue (page 51) "Falling Away from You" for 2 actors (page 53) "Dummy" monologue (page 59) "The Food of Love" for 2 actors (page 61) "Before You Punch Me" monologue (page 69) "Heart Attack" for 4 actors (page 69) "Pearls of Wisdom" monologue (page 78) "The Last Can" for 2 actors (page 82) "End the Hurting" monologue (page 98)

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