The Romanian Uranium Mystery stage play PDF

"The Romanian Uranium Mystery" is a play by D. M. Larson

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BUFFY BEAUMONT: Washed up cheerleader draws a Romanian count by promise of riches

JULIET REDHEART: Activist against the uranium mine comes out and does little protest speeches

INSPECTOR CLUELES: European detective who poses as Richard Ranche, a Romanian Count who has been asked to invest in uranium mines.

BUSYBODY: Business person says she has mine investment going but it is just a scam to get money

GOLDY DIGGER: Owner of uranium mine a flamboyant individual

WENDY the waitress: A ditsy chick who continually bugs the audience with wrong orders and regrets it when she finally gets one right.

DEE LIVERY: A kid who delivers

COUNTESS: The Counts's wife who shows up unexpectedly.


Food Course 1 (on table as enter)

Prescene: Inspector Clueles

Scene 1: Milan International Airport

Scene 2: Protest at the Mission

Food Course 2

Scene 3: Death by Appetizers

Food Course 3: Dinner


Scene 4 (Clues and Grilling: Audience members will inspect clues and ask the suspects questions. The audience then makes their guesses on paper and turns this in)

Food Course 4: Dessert

Scene 5: Who Dunnit? (The killer is revealed and they make their confession)

If you would like to purchase a Word copy of this script that you can edit, go to

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