Midnight of the Soul script PDF

"Midnight of the Soul" by D. M. Larson is a dramatic stage play script for six actors (2 men 4 women).

Cast of Characters (in order of appearance)

Thomas Hall: A pastor of an independent church who took the position reluctantly a few years ago. Despair and futility are more familiar to him than faith and hope. His lifestyle reflects this. He is a nice looking man in his thirties and is kind despite his faults.

Janice Walters: She's a loyal church-goer who wants to see things run like they were under the old pastor. She's in her 60's.

Candy Leeds: Is in a relationship with Thomas at the open of the play. She is far from innocent and shows it. She is the same age as Thomas.

Sandy Miller: A little girl of ten who often goes to Thomas for support.

Johnny James: A friend of Thomas who is easy going and could care less about responsibility. He dresses like the repair man that he is. He is also Thomas' age.

Gabi Roberts: A kind and somewhat naive woman who appears at Thomas door one midnight in need. She has a tendency to talk a lot when she is nervous. She's in her late twenties.

Time and Place
Late Spring, 1991. Eastern Washington town. The
living quarters of a church in a poorer neighborhood.

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