Snow White and Rose Red play for kids PDF

This is a stage play script for kids about "Snow White and Rose Red" which is not the same Snow White of other fairy tales but another Grimm character long forgotten. This is the Forgotten Grimm Brother Fairy Tale of The Ungrateful Dwarf - The Story of Snow White and Rose Red adapted for the stage by D. M. Larson

CAST OF CHARACTERS (10-13 actors)

SNOW WHITE - A kind and gentle girl; not the Snow White who is the friend of the dwarves
ROSE RED - Sister of Snow White who is full of life
MOTHER - Mother of Snow White and Rose Red who is the caretaker of the forest
ANGEL - narrator - can be played by one Angel or several Angels
DWARF - evil treasure hunting thief
BEAR - an animal with a secret
*RABBIT - playful animal who is a friend of MOTHER and the girls
*DEER - another animal who is friend of MOTHER and the girls
*BIRD(s) - one or more animals who are chubby birds who like Snow White’s food, especially cupcake (aka Kachus)
*FISH - a fish that tries to drown the DWARF (this part can be doubled with other parts)
*BUTTERFLY - one or more butterflies that ROSE likes to catch
*VULTURE - a large bird that tries to carry off the DWARF
*BROTHER - Brother of the Prince who wants to marry ROSE RED

*These characters can be doubled (actors can play more than one of these characters)

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