Word document copy of "The Hysterical History of Cleopatra"

The Hysterical History of Cleopatra

By D. M. Larson


Copyright (c) 2017

All Rights Reserved*

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9 or more actors 

(as few as 7 with doubling)

2-4 females and 4-6 of any gender

(in order of appearance)

SHU - head of marketing

BABI* - marketing assistant 

GEB* - marketing assistant

NUT - marketing assistant that loves snakes

SIRI - Information specialist who wears something like a mysterious cloak with an Apple symbol. She  does not like Alexa.

ALEXA - Information specialist who can have an Amazon symbol on her cloak or have an Amazonian look to her. She does not like Siri.

CLEOPATRA** - the Queen of Egypt - need I say more?

SERVANT** - Cleopatra’s administrative assistant

*SIRI’s actor can play CLEOPATRA and ALEXA can play SERVANT if needed - if they double SIRI can have a wig, hood or mask that hides her face so we can easily become CLEOPATRA in the next scene)

BABI and GEB’s lines can be divided up between other actors if more are available

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