VaVa Voom Collection ~RESELL RIGHTS~
VaVa Voom Collection ~CATALOG ONLY~
Chinese New Year Collection ~RESELL RIGHTS~
Chinese New Year Collection ~CATALOG ONLY~
Risky Business Collection ~RESELL RIGHTS~
Risky Business Collection ~CATALOG ONLY~
Orange Dream Collection ~RESELL RIGHTS~
Orange Dream Collection ~CATALOG ONLY~
Animal Instinct Collection ~RESELL RIGHTS~
Animal Instinct Collection ~CATALOG ONLY~
Lilac Dreams Collection ~RESELL RIGHTS~
Lilac Dreams Collection ~CATALOG ONLY~
Lavendar Essence Collection~RESELL RIGHTS~
Lavendar Essence Collection ~CATALOG ONLY~
Winter Elegance Collection~RESELL RIGHTS~
Winter Elegance Collection~CATALOG ONLY~
SnowFlake Collection~RESELL RIGHTS~
SnowFlake Collection~CATALOG ONLY~
Winter Green Collection~RESELL RIGHTS~
Winter Green Collection~CATALOG ONLY~
Electric Kitty Collection~RESELL RIGHTS~
Electric Kitty Collection~CATALOG ONLY~
Winter Diva Collection ~RESELL RIGHTS~
Winter Diva Collection ~CATALOG ONLY~
MrsFrosty Collection ~RESELL RIGHTS~
MrsFrosty Collection ~CATALOG ONLY~
Bluuuu Kitty Collection ~RESELL RIGHTS~
Bluuuu Kitty Collection ~CATALOG ONLY~
Candy Striper Collection ~RESELL RIGHTS~
Candy Striper Collection ~CATALOG ONLY~
Mens Sweater Vest Collection~CATALOG ONLY~
Mens Winter Fur Coat ~CATALOG ONLY~
Damien Mens Collection ~RESELL RIGHTS~
Damien Mens Collection ~CATALOG ONLY~
Vintage Lace Collection ~RESELL RIGHTS~
25% OFF
Vintage Lace Collection ~CATALOG ONLY~
25% OFF
New Year's Lacey Collection VIP Dec Gift~RESELL RIGHTS~
25% OFF
New Year's Lacey Collection VIP Dec Gift~CATALOG ONLY~
25% OFF
Lace Lingerie Collection Nov VIP Gift for Members~RESELL RIGHTS~
25% OFF
Lace Lingerie Collection Nov VIP Gift for Members~CATALOG ONLY~
25% OFF
PaRumPaPaPum Room Texture Collection~RESELL RIGHTS~
PaRumPaPaPum Room Texture Collection~CATALOG ONLY~
Chilly Parie` Collection ~RESELL RIGHTS~ (Available in 5 Colors)
Chilly Parie` Collection ~CATALOG ONLY~ (Available in 5 Colors)
VIP October Gift 2017 Carmen Set ~RESELL RIGHTS~
25% OFF
VIP October Gift 2017 Carmen Set ~CATALOG ONLY~
25% OFF
Winter Coffee Collection M & F Set ~RESELL RIGHTS~
25% OFF
Winter Coffee Collection M & F Set ~CATALOG ONLY~
25% OFF
Gothic Skeleton Collection ~RESELL RIGHTS~
Gothic Skeleton Collection ~CATALOG ONLY~
BedTime Collection~RESELL RIGHTS~
BedTime Collection~CATALOG ONLY~


IMVU Creator , Mesher, and Advertiser, Graphic Designer, Advertising Layouts and Ad's, Modeling, Creating & Meshing Teaching Classes, Coming Soon Glam Kids.


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