Ryanair First Officer / Low Hour Pilot Example Covering Letter

Updated September 2020 to reflect the Covid-19 pandemic. This is a 479 word example Covering Letter specifically designed for Low Hour Pilots applying for Ryanair. The document is downloadable in PDF to allow you to copy and amend it in an editor of your choice.

This example Covering Letter has been professionally structured with clear and concise wording that touches on the history, operation and ethos of the airline.

Note: This document should be used as guidance and reference material for creating a Covering Letter for Ryanair. The Covering Letter should be adapted to suit your individual application and circumstances.

Paragraph extract from the Cover Letter: 'Financially, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the airline is one of the most secure in the world, being one of the few European airlines who’s profit exceeded one billion euros in the 2017-2018 financial. I believe this is testament to robust and innovative leadership shown over the last decade.'