Example Cover Letter Combo Package from FlightDeckFriend.com

This example Covering Letter Combo Package offers exceptional value for money, offering 5 Covering Letters for a price of £29.99 (normal price is £9.99 each).

The example Covering Letters are for the following airlines:

  • Ryanair
  • Wizz Air
  • Jet2.com
  • Generic Covering Letter (suitable for all airlines)
  • Flybe (defunct but a good example for turbo-prop operators)

All Covering Letters with the exception of Flybe (now defunct) were updated in September 2020 to reflect the Covid-19 pandemic. The Covering Letters specifically designed for Low Hour Pilots and/or First Officers applying to the airlines included. All five documents are downloadable in PDF to allow you to copy and amend it in an editor of your choice.

These example Covering Letters have been professionally structured with clear and concise wording that touches on the history, operation and ethos of the airline.

Note: These documents should be used as guidance and reference material for creating a Covering Letter for the airline you are applying to. The Covering Letter should be adapted to suit your individual application and circumstances.

Paragraph extract from the Jet2.com Cover Letter as a representative example of content: 'Jet2.com has built up an excellent reputation for the level of customer service it delivers, which is supported by the fact that Jet2.com won the TripAdvisor Travellers Choice award in 2019. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Jet2.com has been able to weather the storm due to its resilience and the Dart Group's strong financial position which is testament to the leadership demonstrated over the last two decades.'