Seguiriyas (4 of 11) by Jose Luis (SB Sessions)

Seguiriya no.4 - (Difficulty level 2)

Here we have a falseta in the tono por Granaina or rather B altered Phrygian. This is one of the themes from Jose's newest work "Suite Avalon" for Flamenco guitar and Orchestra. Let's take a look at some of the harmonies he uses:

Measure 11-12: The great thing about playing in this key is that you have lots of open string options for composition. Here we see the use of A minor as a great starting point (vii chord).

Measure 13: It looks like a D# diminished here which it is but also it is just the B7(b9) chord in first inversion (3rd in the bass).

Measure: 14: Here we see the use of the v chord in half diminished form - F#min7(b5) which is really just an extension harmony from the previous measure. (Chords that are a 3rd or even a 5th away share some of the same notes and also share function). Here we see it being used as the V7 of E minor. (Extension of B7 resolving V7-i).

Measure 15-18: Here we see a typical Spanish cadence to B(b9). E min, D , C, B(b9). Notice how he syncopates the rhythm here to make it work.

Measure 21-25: Here we see the Spanish cadence progression again E min, D7, and then to a II substitute- Amin7/Bb. This chord is almost exactly like a C7 with an added 6th but with the b7 in the bass. Fairly common chord in Granaina. Notice the E minor scale in measure 23 how it then targets the Bb note in measure 24 (7th of C7) and then resolves to B(b9).

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