Seguiriyas (7 of 11) by Jose Luis (SB Sessions)

Seguiriya no.7 - (Difficulty level 8)

Here we have an exquisite falseta in the key of D# altered phrygian. This was my favorite thing Jose played for me in our first session shot at my house in Santa Barbara, CA. The use of the E pedal really brings out the Lydian mode in this falseta (B major 5 sharps over E). Note that he plays the I chord as a minor 7th and the II chord as a Major 7th. (Main chord used on first page with the melody). The only other thing to point out is the use of the E chord in 2nd inversion with B in the bass in measure 28-35. You have to use hinge bar here to make it work. Measure 31 we see a couple of fun power chord with the 5th in the bass. All in all I think everyone will enjoy working on this one!

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Recorded in Santa Barbara, CA by Berto Boyd for more info visit: