Farruca (2 of 4) by Jose Luis (SB Sessions)

Farruca no.2 (Difficulty level - 6)

Here is another beautiful falseta which has more of the traditional harmonies found in Farruca. One of the chords I will point out as a potential outside harmony is found on beat 2 in measures 6 and 10. Here you see Jose go from a straight A minor chord to a A minor/major chord passing to the A minor 7th (Think Stairway to Heaven). The other chord of note is the F7 chord on beat one in measure 5 and 9. Here the F7 is with E in the bass essentially acts as a upper neighbor to the E chord which is the V7 chord in the key of A harmonic minor. Aside from the harmonic elements, Jose plays to speed burst scales and some odd subdivisions (group of 7), which all can be worked out with deliberate practice and breaking the groups down into smaller subdivisions.