Tangos (1 of 7) by Jose Luis

Tangos no.1 - (Difficulty level 4-5)

This is the opening theme from Jose's tangos on his album 10x1 played "por Arriba" in E Altered phrygian.


Measure 1-4: Jose starts with this E7(b9) harmony and uses the same shape to create an interesting melody up a 3rd which then is an E7(#9) and then to a (b5) suspended chord in measure 2 beat 2. At the end of measure 3 we have a straight F then to D minor in measure 4 and back to E.

Measure 5-16: Same theme with variation and repetition.

Measure 17-20: Here we see a shift in the harmony from the E(b9) to an implied F major/A phrygian. In measure 19 there are a few interesting pivot chords that are what we "quartal" harmonies. Chords are traditionally built in 3rd's so when you start building chords in 4th's you get an expanded poly-chord that could have several names and functions.

Measure 20-21: This lick outlines an F major chord / D minor.

Measure 22-24: Here we see a Bb major 7th go to a tritone idea and then move down by whole steps to stop on a tritone on F.

Measure 25-26: Same type of idea as the previous 2 measures

Measure 27-28: Another similar type of motif but going from an implied D minor down chromatically to C#, then to C and then Bb, ending on F.

Measure 29-32: Here we see the E altered Phrygian being reinstated for a second with a quick lick with the G# and B natural going to E. Then he goes back to A phrygian (por medio) with the alzapua ending on A7/G.

Next part coming soon with modulation back to E!