Tangos (4 of 7) by Jose Luis

Tangos no.4 - (Difficulty level 5 )

This was one of the first thing for Tangos that Jose ever showed me. This shows how rock music has really influenced Flamenco I think in his use of suspended type chords. The one thing I'd like to mention is the effectiveness of being able to uses suspended chord or "power chords" to create melodies using outside notes from the key. When you suspend a chord you essentially take out the 3rd which tells you if the chord is major or minor. Only a few other things to note here:

Measure 20: This little speed burst scale outlines the F7 which is the borrowed dominant of Bb. V7 of II.

Measure 21: If you take a close look at this scale it, the first group of 5 he plays outlines an E chord (or altered phrygian scale with G natural and G#), It only for a moment and then he uses a more standard yet exotic Flamenco scale in the second group of 5 to finish.

Measure 22: This chord is fairly standard in Flamenco but wanted to quickly point out what it is. It is an A/G, which means it is a 3rd inversion chord with the 7th in the bass. Very powerful and Flamenco sounding chord for an ending.