FREE Alzapua por Fandangos by Jose Luis

This étude is designed to show the playfulness in which a guitarist can improvise with alzapua technique in the rhythm of Fandangos.

  • Measure 1-4: Here is a standard way of playing the rhythm.

  • Measure 5-8: Standard forward arpeggio outlining the mode of playing Fandangos.

  • Measure: 9-13: Another fairly standard melody played with thumb found in the traditional form.

  • Measure 14-28: Standard rhythm and recapitulation of the previous thumb melody followed by 2 compas of rhythm.

  • Measure 29-32: Here is an example of how to play alzapua on a static E7 chord. Here he repeats the idea in a medio compas fashion.

  • Measure 33-36: Watch how Jose plays almost the same type of melody as the previous statement but then continues the melody into the next compas.

  • Measure 37-45: Back to playing rhythm and ending with a nice sixtuplet arpeggio.

Link to Jose’s music for download: