Bulerias (1 of 5) by Jose Luis (SB Sessions)

This short falseta for Buleria is fun and easy to play. Let's take a look at some of what is happening rhythmically and harmonically:

Measure 1-11: Here we have a 2 compas which are pretty straight forward. On the third compas in measure 11, Jose ends the rhythm on beat 7 to set the melody up.

Measure 11-18: The melody begins on the "and" of beat 9 with a few upper/lower neighbor tones on the A chord. (Bb-upper b9 and G#-lower #7). This lick outlines an A(b9) chord that goes directly to Dmin/F in measure 13 and then goes back to the A7 and then back to Dmin. Measure 16 we see a nice substitution for the C chord with Amin7, which leads to a Bb9 which then goes back to A on beat 6.

Measure 19-26: Recapitulation of main theme which will then lead to the remate. (This is how a lot of simple falsetas are constructed in Flamenco, repeating the first theme and then tagging on an ending)

Measure 28-32: Here we have an alzapua type of riff which begins the accent on beat 12 and then accenting the C9/E on the "and" of beat 4.

Measure 31-36: Here an F7 chord (which is the borrowed dominant of Bb- V7 of II in A altered Phrygian) goes to the Bb7 and then ends in an exotic scale played by the thumb. If you look at the chord tones here implied over the Bb chord you have some interesting "outside" choices. Ab is the b7, B natural is the b9, G is passing 6th, F# is a #5, Eb is perfect 4th passing tone to the D natural - 3rd of Bb, C# is the #9, then followed by the Bb, A natural - #7, back to the Bb6(add11) chord. Ending on an A/G on beat 10.

Measure 37-40: Jose is just playing with the compas here starting essentially on beat 3 but ending on 10.

Link to Jose’s music for download: https://www.joseluisdelapaz.com/discography

Recorded in Santa Barbara, CA by Berto Boyd for more info visit: https://bertoboyd.com/