Fandangos de Huelva (5 of 6) by Jose Luis (SB Sessions)

Fandangos no.5 (Difficulty level - 6-7)

Another great falseta displaying the virtuosity and genius from this guitarist from Fandangos de Huelva. There are only a few outside harmonies in this one. Let's take a look:

Measure 15: Here Jose plays a D7/F# which is the borrowed dominant chord of G.

Measure 17-18: Here you see a Bb chord going to an E7(b9) resolving to the A minor. This is a common bV substitution. Note how related the Bb and the E7(b9) are. They share the D and the F notes essentially functioning as one big dominant V7 chord resolving to A minor. It is also the same harmonic device we saw in Fandangos no.4.

Link to Jose’s music for download:

Recorded in Santa Barbara, CA by Berto Boyd for more info visit: