FREE-Bulerias (5 of 5) by Jose Luis de La Paz (SB Sessions)

This falseta is in the key of C# altered Phrygian which is one of the hip new tonos these days. It is the same key as Rondeña but without the alternate tuning. It is also the relative Phrygian key and a somewhat common place to go when playing Alegrias in A major. There are no outside chords in this piece, rather, some subtle things Jose does with the rhythm. Here's a few things to watch for:

  • Measure 7: The rhythm stops on beat 7 and the melody starts on the & of 9.
  • Measures 8-9: You'll have to get used to playing a hinge bar whenever the D/A is played. (Generally on beat 12)
  • Measure 23: Here we have a few golpes on the contratiempos (off beats). He plays the first on 8 (standard accent) and then the & of 9.
  • Measure 25: Jose accents the & of 1 and then 3 (standard accent).
  • Measure 27: The accent is on the & of 7 and the falseta ends on beat 9. Very simple but hip. Enjoy!

Link to Jose’s music for download:

Recorded in Santa Barbara, CA by Berto Boyd for more info visit: