Guajiras (1 of 4) by Jose Luis (SB Sessions)

Guajira no. 1

This is beautiful example of Jose's lyrical style and solid use of Flamenco harmony. Many of the typical chords found in A major are present here and the only semi outside chord would be the first thing he plays which is a Dmin9/F or you can think of it as an F6. Either way this chord functions as what many call the flat six (bvi) chord and usually is paired with the E chord as in a typical phrygian I-II relationship. However this is not the typical Flamenco phrygian based off the III(C#) because it is based off of the V(E7) chord in the key of A major. Its just another way to expand harmony if you think about it and Jose probably doesn't think about it which is why his treatment of Flamenco harmony is so brilliant.

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