RLB-M01 -*Catty Only*
RLB-M02 -*Catty Only*
FFLA01 -*Catty Only*
FFLA02-*Catty Only*
FFLA03-*Catty Only*
FFLA04 -*Catty Only*
FFLA05 -*Catty Only*
*Bundle*-FFLA04-FFLA05-*Catty Only*
FFLA06 - *Catty Only*
FFLA07 - *Catty Only*
FFLA08 - *Catty Only*
FFLA09 - *Catty Only*
FFLA10 - *Catty Only*
FFLA11 - *Catty Only*
FFLA12 - *Catty Only*
FFLA13 - *Catty Only*
FFLA12/FFLA13 - *Catty Only*
FFLA14 -*Catty Only*
FFLA17 -*Catty Only*
FFLA16 -*Catty Only*
FFLA15 -*Catty Only*
FFLA19 -*Catty Only*
FFLA18 -*Catty Only*
*Bundle*-FFLA14-FFLA19 -*Catty Only*
FFLA20 -*Catty Only*
FFLA21 -*Catty Only*
FFLA22 -*Catty Only*
FFLA23 -*Catty Only*
FFLA24 -*Catty Only*
FFLA25 -*Catty Only*
FFLA26 -*Catty Only*
FFLA27 -*Catty Only*
FFLA28 -*Catty Only*
FFEA01 -*Catty Only*
*With PSD* - FFLA29 -*Catty Only*
FFLA30 -*Catty Only*
*With Resell*- FFEA01 -*Limit 3*
RK01-SH -*Catty Only*
*With Resell*- RK01-SH -*Limit 6*
*Limit 6*- RK03 -*Catty Only*
*With Resell*- RK03 -*Limit 3*
Hair Base Mesh -*Catty Only*
Male/Female Collar Mesh -*Catty Only*
Male Collar Mesh -*Catty Only*
Female Collar Mesh -*Catty Only*
FFA01 -*Catty Only*
FFA02 -*Catty Only*
FFA03 -*Catty Only*
Mesh - Hoop Earrings - *Catty Only*
RA20 - RA34 Bundle - *Catty Only*
*With Resell*- RA20 - RA34 Bundle -*Limit 4*


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