Sandevoerde Race Track for Assetto Corsa (65/67/73 Layout)

Sandevoerde. This race track is part of F3 Classics Tracks Project.

Important Note :

For new users of this track :
Physical ROAD:
From experience with previus tracks, some drivers feel the same track too bumpy and others love it. To deal with this i create 6 different physical road mesh, each one with a different level of bumps.
This meshes are located at "ROAD MESH" folder, there is 6 sub folder (N15,N25,N35,N45,N55,N65) each one with a pyshical mesh. Track default is N35. To try other mesh just copy the sandev_road.kn5 file from selected folder into main track folder, content/tracks/sandev_f3ct.
Any doubt about this topic just let me know.