Eifel Südstrecke for Rfactor 2

Eifel Sudstrecke is a classic 60's track with a great combination of bend, elevation changes and off course a lot of danger!!.

The shared start/finish area of the Eifel complex consisted of two back-to-back straights joined together at the southern end by a tight loop. The entrance to the 7.7 kilometres (4.8 mi) Südstrecke  lay on the outside edge of this hairpin, It immediately dropped sharply downhill and under a public road before winding through a heavily-wooded section. Tight corners soon gave way to fast downhill sections with flowing bends until, at the outskirts of the nearby town of Müllenbach, the track turned sharply northwards and began a long climb up the hill.

At the end of this run came a hairpin turn which led to a long curve around the bottom of a hill. This led onto the back straight of the start/finish area. At this point it was possible to continue onto the Eifel Nordstrecke or take two sharp right-hand turns in order to enter the starting straight once again.
This track is part of the F3 Classic Tracks by Sergio Loro Project .

Enjoy it :)

PD: note track come with 2 different grids GP (26 slots) and Endurance (51 slots)