Public Speaking - A professional guide to giving successful presentations

Whatever your career path, presentation skills are critical to your success. Sooner or later you’ll have to give a presentation to your manager, colleagues, clients or prospects in order to reach your goals. Armed with the vital presentations skills in this course you will be able to make your next presentation outstanding.

Mastering the right presentation techniques can help you get that job promotion or convince a new client.

This e-book will help you to become a successful and confident speaker. 

You will learn how to start and end your presentation and grab the attention of the audience from the very first second.

You will get vital design tips to make your Powerpoint presentation clear, crisp and outstanding. How to use (and not use) images, clipart, bulletpoints, graphs, charts, fonts and other design elements to craft stunning slides. 

Finally, you will learn how to become a confident and convincing speaker, how to use body language to reinforce your message and how to make a strong impression.