Successful Selling and Prospecting


Traditional sales methods typically revolve around salespeople highlighting the benefits of products and services without considering prospects’ personal needs. 

Consultative selling is a highly effective sales approach that provides solutions to a customer’s needs. Instead of focusing on the product or service, you learn to focus on the customer. The biggest advantage of the consultative selling technique is that it helps sales professionals build trust while simultaneously presenting themselves as an expert resource for their prospects. By truly understanding the challenges customers are facing, sales people can present their solutions in a more compelling and effective way.

This e-book will unveil the power of consultative selling.

Content Table

1. Essential Sales Skills 
  • Body language 
  • Presentation skills and elevator pitch 
  • Types of questions 

2. Understanding your customer’s needs and expectations 
  • Your customer’s needs 
  • Your customer’s expectations 
  • From Product Push to Solution Pull
  • Towards Consultative Selling 

3  Consultative selling 
  • Each product comes with its own approach
  • Know your customer 
  • Prospection and acquisition 
  • Past the gatekeeper 
  • How to deal with objections

4.  Successful Customer meetings
  • Classic customer meeting 
  • LES-technique 
  • SPIN SALES method 
  • 9 tips to remember
Consultative selling will make the difference in your sales approach.