Customer Oriented Communication

How an organisation handles incoming telephone calls is of great importance to its image. Most contacts with potential customers are often over the phone. Based on the first contact, existing and prospective customers will usually form a lasting impression of you and your company.

How you talk to your customers is therefore very important.
As a service-oriented employee, we can make the difference.

This manual wants to help you to make your clients happy and satisfied, even in a challenging market.

  • What does customer orientation or
  • customer focus even mean? 
  • Professional telephone conversations
  • Use of your voice
  • Structure of a telephone call
  • Forwarding calls and putting on hold
  • Outgoing telephone calls
  • Making appointments 
  • Handling difficult talks 
  • A complaint is an opportunity
  • Complaints handling: step-by-step plan
  • Types of difficult customers 
  • Communication techniques
  • Sandwich or hot dog technique
  • Aspects of non-violent communication