Media Training - A guide to make your message tomorrow’s headline

Written by Lies Martens, a seasoned journalist and crisis communications professional, this ebook is your essential guide to handling the news media. You will learn how to communicate effectively with the media and how to control the way your company is portrayed in the media. Each chapter includes techniques, anecdotes, and real-life case studies that help you know what to expect.

Delivering an effective media interview is more challenging than ever before.

How can you create positive messages that cut through the noise and motivate your audiences? How can you respond to difficult questions in a confident manner that increases your credibility? And how can you navigate your company through a media crisis so it becomes a mere blip instead of a reputation-destroying disaster?

You will learn how to:
Master the ground rules for working with reporters
Create memorable media messages
Support your message with media-friendly stories, statistics, and sound bites
Deliver a winning interview
Answer tough questions
Adjust your approach for print, radio, television, and social media
Use positive body language that reinforces your message
Prepare for and manage a media crisis

A practical guide to preparing for, conducting, and evaluating the success of media interviews