Leadership For Beginners - A Guide To Effective Leadership

Leadership is a much sought after quality in various job descriptions, be it a corporate job or a simple desk job. Though there are many people who are striving for a leadership position, there is always a want of strong and effective leaders in every field. Thus, if you are capable of being a good leader, it’s going to get you further in your career.

In this e-book 'Leadership for beginners' you will learn how to perfect the art of leadership.
  • How to develop a congruent leadership in perfect harmony with your values. 
  • What thinking patterns help you or hold you back
  • How to evolve from colleague to leader 
  • The fundamentals of coaching and inspirational leadership 
  • What is the difference between a leader and a manager
  • How to cater to every co-worker’s  needs 
  • Developing Charismatic leadership
  • When to apply Situational leadership 
  • How to deal with criticism or resistance 
  • How to motivate co-workers 
  • How to deal with change 
  • Giving feedback and performance interviews
  • Effective delegation 
  • Working with self-managing teams

This manual will give you the insights and techniques to develop a strong and effective leadership.

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