Successful Networking

This manual wants to show you the ins and outs of networking. If you think about it, everything is networking. Networking is reaching out to others, without obligation. It gives you the chance to involve others in what you do and to grow even more. Networking is therefore an opportunity to make yourself better and stronger.

Don’t forget that not networking equals standing still. Not only because you aren’t expanding your circle, but most of all because your competitors are moving forward and you will be lagging.

Contents of this e-book:


1 What is networking? 
2 The fundamental 4 steps to successful networking: 
Goodwill, Trust, Interaction & Branding 
3 How to profile yourself ? 
4 The first steps toward impact: what is my own ‘brand’?
5 The impact of Body language
6. Online presence
7. How to practise your pitch
8. Learn to give compliments 
9. How to make the most out of any network event 
10. Follow up after the initial contact