Animal Farm: Study Guide and Student Workbook (Enhanced ebook)

Literature Study Guide and Student Workbook The reality of today's educational world is that students need to be prepared to be successful on state standardized tests. For those who relish in the teaching of writing and literature, time for standardized test preparation might be better spent with exercises linked to the literature units. In this way, the literary work is analyzed in depth, critical thinking skills are enhanced, and the students are linking the literature units with the types of tasks they may be required to perform on state tests. Easy to use, each guide provides a variety of reproducible material which can be used as is or incorporated into existing lesson plans. This enhanced eBook gives you the freedom to copy and paste the content of each page into the format that fits your needs. You can post lessons on your class website, make student copies, and more. Browse and download thousands of educational eBooks, worksheets, teacher presentations, practice tests and more at - The Education Marketplace (