The Channel Panel 2017 - The Big Bang Query - Video (free audio included)

The file you will get is a PDF file that has all the info you will need to access a personal sign in page, along with the password to get access to unlimited streaming HD 1080p video, and downloadable audio. This PDF file will have all the info needed to get you started.

Event -  
It has all 9 channelers from the event on Dec 30th 2017. Channelers listed below.
1. Kalina Angell - Arcturian 103 Collective
2. Lee Harris - The Z's
3. Wendy Kennedy - 9th Dimensional Pleaidian Collective
4. Karen Neumann - Theos
5. Rob Gauthier - Aridif
6. Darryl Anka - Bashar
7. Nora Herold - The Pleadians
8. Shaun Swanson - Ishuwa
9. Daniel Scranton - The Creators

look at all the channelers, this event, and the channeler info @

EVENT VIDEO - although it is streaming video, we will give you he raw file data - The video was at almost 48 GB (a size so huge, it is why we are streaming now, until we get lower quality or smaller formatting) and is 8hour 57min and 59seconds long. The video includes an intro, extras, and more. 

EVENT AUDIO - Once you sign in to your page,  you will be able to download the file completely. It is almost 1GB and is MP3 audio at 256 kbps and is 8hrs 43min 20 sec long.