The Channel Panel - Emerging Beyond the Unknown (2016) - Video and Audio Access

This document will give you information for your own personal access to unlimited video and audio streaming and download availability on The Channel Panel website of nearly 14 hours of channeled material from some of the most famous Channelers and Psychics in the world at The Channel Panel ~ Emerging Beyond the Unknown (2016)

Description: On October 8th and 9th, 2016, The Channel Panel held a huge online event featuring 14 of the world's best, well-renowned Channelers and Psychics channeling and teaching on the 2016 theme "Emerging Beyond the Unknown" Our Earth Collective is experiencing pivotal changes within our human hearts and the exterior world. We find our budding 5D senses expanding toward more unknown horizons, exploring aspects of the Universe that we never knew before, and thus this theme was heavily explored, whilst in addition to the theme, people from all around the world gathered to ask their deepest yearning questions on a vast ocean of topics to a plethora of higher levels of Spiritual Consciousnesses being channeled such as Spirit Guides, Angels, Benevolent Extraterrestrials, People who have crossed over sharing their wisdom from beyond to those living on Earth, and more.

This Year's Channelers Include:

  • Anrita Melchizedek - Melchizedek Pleiadian Light Network
  • John Cali - from the Tuning In Documentary. 
  • Rob Gauthier - The ET Whisperer and one of the most famous channelers of ET consciousnesses
  • Serge Grandbois - Channel of 35 years who worked with Robert Butts (Jane Roberts Husband)
  • Shaun Swanson - Channel for the YahYel
  • Susie Beiler - Channeler of The Prime Creator
  • Brad Johnson - Channeler of Adronis


Krista Raisa - The Orion Council
Micheila Sheldan - The Council of Light
Dr. Kelli Coffee - Famous Psychic Youtube star known as "Kelli in the Raw"
Bob Hickman - Well known Youtube star, "Psychic Bob" - Psychic and Channel
Jim Charles - Galactic Colony Founder and Channeler of many Beings
Daniel Scranton - The Creators and many more Collective Consciousnesses
Kalina Angell - Bonus Channeling, channeling the 103 Arcturian Collective

Thank you so much! Your financial support is split with all the Channelers and any money left over goes toward funding future Channel Panels! For donations, requests and ideas for future Channel Panels, please feel free to contact us on our website contact page. Blessings to you all!

Kalina and Rob