The Channel Panel 2016 & 2017 Holiday Special Video and Audio Pack !

This is a zip file with 2 .PDF files that will give you your own personal links and passwords to get Streaming video and downloadable audio for both The Channel Panel's. 2017 is 9 hours of channeling and 2016 is almost 14 hours of channelers. 
2017 -  
It has all 9 channelers from the event on Dec 30th 2017. Channelers listed below.
1. Kalina Angell - Arcturian 103 Collective
2. Lee Harris - The Z's
3. Wendy Kennedy - 9th Dimensional Pleaidian Collective
4. Karen Neumann - Theos
5. Rob Gauthier - Aridif
6. Darryl Anka - Bashar
7. Nora Herold - The Pleadians
8. Shaun Swanson - Ishuwa
9. Daniel Scranton - The Creators
2016 - 
It has all 14 channelers from the event from Oct 8th and 9th of 2016. The Channelers listed below.
Day One - 
Anrita Melchizedek - Melchizedek Pleiadian Light Network
John Cali - from the Tuning In Documentary. 
Rob Gauthier - The ET Whisperer and one of the most famous channelers of ET consciousnesses
Serge Grandbois - Channel of 35 years who worked with Robert Butts (Jane Roberts Husband)
Shaun Swanson - Channel for the YahYel
Susie Beiler - Channeler of The Prime Creator
Brad Johnson - Channeler of Adronis
Day Two - 
Krista Raisa - The Orion Council
Micheila Sheldan - The Council of Light
Dr. Kelli Coffee - Famous Psychic Youtube star known as "Kelli in the Raw"
Bob Hickman - Well known Youtube star, "Psychic Bob" - Psychic and Channel
Jim Charles - Galactic Colony Founder and Channeler of many Beings
Daniel Scranton - The Creators and many more Collective Consciousnesses
Kalina Angell - Bonus Channeling, channeling the 103 Arcturian Collective