The Channel Panel Awakening From Within - Streaming Video

THIS IS NOT A DONWLOAD FOR THE VIDEO ! This will allow you to download a website link that allows you to open up your default web browser and watch the streaming version of The Channel Panel event. If we offered the whole event as a download it would be 8 and a half hours, and over 24 GB in size, which most mobile devices are incapable of playing. This file you get once you click on it will take you to the website to watch the full video in HD.

The Channel Panel @ www.TheChannelPanel.coml   Day One 1. Wendy Kennedy - 2. Lee Harris - 3. Shaun Swanson - 4. Rob Gauthier -   Day Two 1. Shelly Young - 2. Nora Herold - 3. Brad Johnson - 4. Daniel Scranton -   Hosting both evenings is Kalina Angell channeler of The Arcturian 103 Collective -   The Channel Panel ~ Awakening From Within ! How do we awaken ourselves from within? How do we expand ourselves from within? How do we answer the big questions in life? We have the answers within us ALL ! If you like channeling, you will LOVE The Channel Panel 2~ Awakening From Within. This is hands down the BIGGEST all channeler events ever! Online & Live Event! In Los Angeles & live stream video on Sept 19th & 20th 2015... This will be a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded people, learn about yourself, and connect to your higher guidance. This event will include such amazing topics as connecting to your guides, learning how to look in your deeper sense of self, exploring your extraterrestrial heritage, building bridges to higher self, self guidance tools, connecting to spirit in any and all forms, understanding the true nature of reality, and how to create your own reality through thought. There will be cutting edge information from ALL of these 8 world renowned channelers.